Best formal I’ve ever had. I went with Kendall danced had a great time and got pics. She was so fun and I just had a great time. However after she reminded me that she isn’t looking for a relationship. Which hit hard. The highest spirits I’ve ever had just dropped. I knew that but I wasn’t thinking about that. I didn’t want to. I just wanted some kind of hope. I am just incredibly impressed by her. I’ve never met someone I wanted to hang out with or talk to so much. That rejection hit hard. I dont understand why I’m not good enough. What is wrong? If its smoking I would drop it in a heartbeat. What am I doing wrong?

I can’t believe this

I will never be wanted. I’m not good enough. My friends are always better

Well that was a treat when Brianna was replying. I really missed her and she has been on my mind. A part of me says I shouldn’t but the other

If I said hello would you reply? 

This is my only private spot remaining. Only one other person even knows about about this.

Right now is the time that I just want to drop everything

Whatever is wrong with me I need to fix. I am miserable and hate myself

Never forget your past. It’s what has shaped you so far. But dont settle on it. Because the now is when you shape that ‘future’ person

I just scrolled and skimmed my tumblr. Hot damn I wrote a ton and a lot of stuff was depressing stuff. Just a bad tone but I’m just shocked because I didn’t realize how much I wrote. And I kept scrolling and scrolling and didn’t even get to the end I was just like uhhhh.