Pretty excited for rmu to release my Dalton trip article. His face when we handed him a birthday card with money we raised as a chapter for him will last in my memory forever along with that whole day. Super heroes of southern Maryland are the real heroes for what they did at that event and at hospitals all over the state  fo freeeeeeeeeee

first time looking at tumblr in forever. Looking at the posts that I had that had likes and seeing like 450 days, 600 days. Timeflies. No pun intended since it is timeflies tuesday

Best formal I’ve ever had. I went with Kendall danced had a great time and got pics. She was so fun and I just had a great time. However after she reminded me that she isn’t looking for a relationship. Which hit hard. The highest spirits I’ve ever had just dropped. I knew that but I wasn’t thinking about that. I didn’t want to. I just wanted some kind of hope. I am just incredibly impressed by her. I’ve never met someone I wanted to hang out with or talk to so much. That rejection hit hard. I dont understand why I’m not good enough. What is wrong? If its smoking I would drop it in a heartbeat. What am I doing wrong?

I can’t believe this

I will never be wanted. I’m not good enough. My friends are always better

Well that was a treat when Brianna was replying. I really missed her and she has been on my mind. A part of me says I shouldn’t but the other

If I said hello would you reply? 

This is my only private spot remaining. Only one other person even knows about about this.

Right now is the time that I just want to drop everything

Whatever is wrong with me I need to fix. I am miserable and hate myself